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Glass Shower Door Cleaning Tips

Crystal clear glass shower doors add to the bathing experience. Unsightly grime gives an unhygienic look to your bathroom. Glass surface can be damaged permanently if hard water grim and tough soap stains aren’t cleaned regularly. Simple cleaning tips for glass shower doors can help you avoid bathing behind a cloudy, grime-laden door.
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Here are some tips for cleaning the glass shower door to regain that shiny, streak-free surface.

Use a Squeegee

Sometimes, the simplest of tools can deliver maximum benefits. A squeegee is such effective tool! Even modern, high-end hydrophobic glass shower doors need maintenance once in a while. Daily squeegee use can eliminate the buildup of soap stains and hard water grime, which in turn will go a long way in preventing excess damage. Build the habit of cleaning glass shower doors with a squeegee immediately after taking a bath. It hardly takes a minute or two!

Gently move the squeegee on the door, applying a little pressure. Move from the top corner to the bottom. The water will flow down the surface slowly. Repeat the procedure two to three times to ensure the surface is dry. Invest in a high-quality squeegee with a high quality rubber blade to avoid streaks during cleaning.

Do-It-Yourself Vinegar And Water Spray Cleaning

Distilled water and white vinegar are the best household ingredients ever for cleaning glass surfaces. Period! This homemade, environmentally-friendly method is awfully simple. Take an empty spray bottle, and mix white vinegar and distilled water in a ratio 1:3. To clean the door, spray the mixture and let it remain there for five minutes. For old grime, spray the area repeatedly after it dries. When the grime starts to loosen, rinse the area with clean water. Use paper towel, a clean cloth, or old newspaper to gently wipe the surface dry.

Clean, Filmy Glass Shower Doors

Mineral buildup is caused by hard water. Over time, this phenomenon creates a thin layer of grime on the glass surface, making it opaque. To clean this filmy layer, apply a mixture of baking soda, salt and vinegar. Mix two tablespoons of each of these common household ingredients and create a paste. Spray or gently apply the mixture on the surface and leave it there for fifteen minutes. Remove the paste from the door using a damp sponge, and then rinse with water.

How to Clean Glass Shower Door Tracks?

Door tracks are often ignored while cleaning. Unfortunately, this is also the region that accumulates the most grime and soap scum. Additionally, they can be difficult to clean owing to their tricky, hard-to-reach position. Here too, we use household chemicals to get the job done. Just take a bottle of white vinegar and apply it the tracks, gently filling all the cavities evenly.
Allow the vinegar sit overnight for maximum effect. Next morning, soak all the vinegar with a paper towel. Next, scrub the insides of the tracks using an old toothbrush and loosen the hardened grime and debris. Rinse and clean the tracks with water.


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