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We have an experienced team of experts who specialize in glass railing, glass shower ddors & enclosures, glass walls & partitions in Metro Vancouver. As a professional railing contractor in Maple Ridge, Coquitlam and Langley area we cover all your interior and exterior glass needs with the highest quality and competitive prices. Call now for free quote.

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What we do?

At Astro Glass, we proudly serve all the Greater Vancouver area. We handle all your glass needs either for your interior or exterior spaces.

Glass Railing

Our glass railings make any staircase, deck, patio, or balcony look more sophisticated .


Mirrors are increasingly becoming more significant design fixtures of interior spaces.

Closet Organizers

We offer a wide selection of glass shelves and mounting options to choose from.

Glass Doors

They also help to raise your energy levels and boost your productivity.

Glass Partitions

many offices opting for an open floor plan, glass partition helps them stay true to that design.

Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures

Beautiful looking shower doors truly add a nice upgraded look and feel to your bathroom.

Why Choose Us

We at Astro Glass are famous to provide high quality glass works with reasonable prices. If you look at our latest project's pictures you will be conviced why choose us as your selected railing contractor.

We have an experienced team of experts who specialize in glass design . We will work with you every step of the way so that you feel confident .

With our many years of valuable experience, our solid reputation, efficiency, and dedication to improving not only spaces but lives as well .

We take your hopes, dreams, and ideas, and turn them into a reality by creating, delivering, and installing shower doors, glass railings, mirrors ...

At Astro Glass we are 100% focused on delivering the results you demand, the service you expect. And all handled by our helpful team members.

We are building the future and restoring

we look forward to meeting with you and preparing an offer for your next exciting project!

Top Features

Custom Designs

At Astro Glass we take pride in listening closely to your exact needs and then bring that vision to life through designing, engineering, and fabricating a glass railing system that fits with the way you live or conduct business.

Meets Safety Code

Our fall-prevention railings are engineered to meet guardrail code, and built using high quality tempered or laminated glass. Our glass railings provide quality and security, and are ideal for new construction or renovation projects.

Comprehensive Bids

Our company is dedicated to offering bids that are competitive with regards to pricing and term for commercial, and residential projects. We provide detailed spec sheets to make sure everyone is on the same page, and have a primary focus towards facilitating project approvals.

Unobstructed Views

Glass railings boast a sophisticated, elegant, and modern look to your property that not only transforms it, but boosts its monetary value at the same time. Our products are designed and tailored to either interior and exterior spaces, and our glass railing systems add a unique injection to your space.

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6 Types of Glass Shower Doors to Consider for Your Home

Glass shower doors have come a long way since their early days. From clear glass to opaque, and from frosted to textured, you can create practically any style you like with glass shower doors. Whether you want your bathroom to look modern or classic, these types of glass shower doors will give it an elegant touch that can’t be achieved with other materials.

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The Best Material for Handrails

If you are ordering a glass railings project for your property, don’t forget to pay special attention to choose the suitable handrails for it.

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4 Do-it-yourself Glass Shower Door Cleaning Tips

Crystal clear glass shower doors add to the bathing experience. Unsightly grime gives an unhygienic look to your bathroom. Glass surface can be damaged permanently if hard water grim and tough soap stains aren’t cleaned regularly. Simple cleaning tips for glass shower doors can help you avoid bathing behind a cloudy, grime-laden door.

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Choosing Your Glass Shower Doors

With sweat dripping from a day’s work, you run straight into the shower. But have you ever noticed that the shower never looks so appealing without a glass shower door? Because even more than the nice and good looking tiles, and all the sleek fittings of a shower, a good door will not only complement but also give your shower the best appearance you could ever imagine.

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Things to Know When Buying Glass Railings

Railings, when properly installed and maintained, can greatly increase the visual appeal of its respective area. Railings, when made properly are strong and sturdy pieces that are easily taken care of. When you’re considering making the investment into glass railings for your home, here are a couple of things to take into account as you’re choosing the railings for your home.

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Energy Efficient Glass Windows and Their Impact on Your Home

Energy efficient windows are a new ventilation technology  that helps maximise the benefits of natural lighting, solar and lessens the need for the use of artificial heating and cooling in a building. Upgrades in tech  in the last 25 years has made it possible to make windows which offer better insulation against the natural elements by 75%, over other mainstream windows. They also reduce power consumption in the home by 25% which would be otherwise used by artificial heating, especially in the temperate and colder regions. 

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