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At Astro Glass, glass railings for balcony are famous in the Maple Ridge and Coquitlam area. Our glass balcony railings are made of tempered glass and are built to withstand the test of time. But even with longevity, there is a need for upkeep. Glass railings, however, require minimal effort in the area of maintenance. We offer a wide variety of glass railing designs at varying budgets combined with professional installation services that could bring you lasting comfort, knowing your glass railings will look as new as when first manufactured by us. Conveniently maintain glass panels simply with regular soap and water or a squeegee, leaving you free to enjoy unobstructed views from your custom decking solution designed for the home experience that pleases.



Glass Balcony Railings Contractor Near You In Coquitlam

Astro Glass is one of Metro Vancouver’s most trusted glass balcony railing contractors and can help you create beautiful balcony glass railing designs for your interior and exterior projects. Whether you are looking for glass railings for balcony, glass shower, glass stair railing, glass deck railing, glass panel railing, frameless glass railing or outdoor glass railing– Astro Glass is the perfect choice for all these! Astro Glass offers various high-quality, tempered safety glass sizes from 6mm to 12mm. We also have the expertise, installation service and specialized knowledge to meet all your needs. Astro Glass guarantees an experience where safety and aesthetics seamlessly blend together; creating unique railing solutions specific to your project.

We are proud to have years of experience in balcony glass railing industry across Vancouver and beyond. We are well-equipped to provide our customers with top-quality materials. Not only this, but our partners are keen to offer competitive prices, which directly influence the prices we charge for installation services. This allows us to consistently provide cost-effective balcony glass railings that meet the highest standards of safety and craftsmanship. With an impressive portfolio encompassing both residential and commercial sites, you can count on us for a reliable sliding door installation service every time.

Balcony Glass Railing Installation Service

At our company, glass railings are highly sought after for homeowners who are looking to modernize their architecture. As a glass railing manufacturer and contractor, we specialize in custom glass railings for balconies, poolside safety railings, and exterior deck railings. Homeowners appreciate glass railings for their many features, such as being lightweight yet strong and easy to maintain for long-term use. However, customers must be aware that glass railings require frequent cleaning due to environmental elements such as rain, which can quickly dirty the glass. That’s why it’s important to hire a reputable company that offers professional glass railing installation services to ensure you maximize the life of your glass railing system.

If you’re looking for “railing contractors near me” installation services in Vancouver that provide dependable, quality workmanship and use superior products, Astro Glass is the company for you. Our experienced team of professional rail installers has been involved in countless railing projects from the design stage to completion, giving them the insight and knowledge necessary to craft beautiful, long-lasting sliding glass doors for customers across the Lower Mainland and Sunshine Coast. We provide comprehensive recommendations and services so that our clients can be confident they are selecting the perfect railing system for their homes in Maple Ridge, Surrey, Langley, or Vancouver, BC.

When sliding glass doors or balcony glass railings are at the heart of your home design, why settle for anything other than the best? Vancouver’s premier glass railing installation service delivers high-quality artistry and customer satisfaction. Our highly-trained professionals have years of experience installing glass railings and sliding doors in homes all across the city. Their expertise, combined with stainless steel and a range of modern aesthetic options, guarantees that we can improve any home environment with just one service. Using our fast and reliable installation process, you can count on us to give you the perfect look for your home—every single time!


Astro Glass Balcony Railings 

Astro Glass is one of the leading companies that specializes in glass railings for balconies for both residential and industrial customers. By manufacturing glass railings of superior quality, our team of expert contractors guarantees 100% satisfaction on every project. We have a wide selection of glass railings from which customers can choose, with customizations so that our glass products perfectly fit their particular space. Our team is available to handle installation services as well as provide advice during the selection process. With Astro Glass, you can rest assured that your glass railing balcony will be finished to the highest standards for maximum durability and aesthetic appeal.

At Astro Glass, we understand that providing quality workmanship is our top priority. Every step of our working process is crafted to ensure the end product meets the highest standards, from sliding glass doors to porches and stair barriers. Starting with design drawings, frame-by-frame development, and continuing through expert installation, we guarantee that your products conform to your exact specifications. Our service extends throughout Vancouver; whether you require a new installation or update existing features, Astro Glass Maple Ridges’ experienced installers can offer a quality solution for all your sliding glass door and exterior enclosure needs. Contact us today for more information about our installation services.

At our company, we manufacture glass railing for balconies using only top-grade material sourced locally. We never subcontract out our professional installation services because we employ a highly-trained in-house crew for all of our glass railing projects. This provides peace of mind to both us and our esteemed customers since our glass railings are made with the utmost attention to quality and safety by professionally trained personnel. We are proud of the glass railing products that bear our brand, and we believe that you, as a homeowner, will be happy with their quality as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Glass balconies make your space look nice and let you see outside easily.

Yes, glass balconies are safe. They are designed and built with strong materials and installation methods to ensure stability and security.

Yes, you can have a custom glass balcony.

The cost of a custom glass balcony depends on factors such as design complexity, materials chosen, and specific customization options.