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Closet Organizers

If you are looking for beautiful glass shelving for your closets, or bathroom or kitchen cabinets then you have absolutely come to the right place. We offer a wide selection of glass shelves and mounting options to choose from. Make any room more sexy with an attractive and functional custom glass shelf from Astro Glass. We have the tools and machinery, and the skilled team to cut and polish your glass shelves on site, saving you time and money all while meeting your exact design needs. We also carefully install your glass shelves with professional care, and have them done in no time at all. Modernize your shelving, and create the illusion of more space with our quality glass

Glass shelves are a stylish option for all your shelving needs:
  • Wall shelves

  • Corner shelves

  • Bookshelves

  • Bathroom shelves

  • Kitchen shelves

  • Cabinet shelves

  • Floating shelves

  • Retail shelving

  • Display shelves

This includes everything from shelves for cabinets to custom audio racks to retail store shelving. These shelves can be edged to meet your needs which includes standard ground edges, polished edges, and beveled edges. We can add custom machine notches, holes or anything else needed to make the perfect mounting system.