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Tips For Choosing Your Glass Shower Doors

With sweat dripping from a day’s work, you run straight into the shower. But have you ever noticed that the shower never looks so appealing without a glass shower door? Because even more than the nice and good looking tiles, and all the sleek fittings of a shower, a good door will not only complement but also give your shower the best appearance you could ever imagine.
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Getting a good glass shower door is not that hard if you look in the right places. So, what exactly is one to search for in a shower door? Your preference comes into play  here. Do you want it spa-like and close to invisible? Or do you want it framed and architecturally appealing? No matter what you’re looking for, Astro Glass has you covered.

What You Should Know About Glass Shower Doors?

  • Note that the less frame work for the door, the thicker the glass, This is very reasonable as thicker glass would not break easily, so if there is no framework, there should at least be thick glass
  • All your glass shower doors should be made of safety glass, so that if at all they break, it is into small pieces and not hazardous debris
  • All edges of your shower door should arrive finished or polished!

Getting Started

What exact space do you want your shower to occupy? What is your taste? These are the  questions you should be able to answer accurately, as the answers will guide you to choosing the correct door mounting options.

There might also be a need to involve an architect or a renovator so that you know the best location for your shower and to ensure that your walls can bear the weight of any type of door (framed or frameless).

What Should You Consider As You Select Door Styles?

In the process of selecting a door style, it is of great importance that you consider not only your preferences but also your space restrictions. Are you sure you have enough room for the shower door you plan on choosing?

Below are some door styles and what they really are:

  • Sliding: Two panels fit in a frame and are able to slide in both directions to open and close the door.
  • Swing or Pivot: A single plane attached to a wall swings open from left to right
  • Door and Panel: A narrow panel is fixed to the wall and directly next to it is another panel, fixed also to the wall but with hinges such that it operates as the door
  • Butterfly or bi-fold: Two panels of equal size are hinged at the center such that the door opens inward
  • Fixed: A single pane of glass is attached to the wall holding the shower head; this is to protect the bathroom from splashes. In this style, the rest of the shower opening remains uncovered.

Choosing The Door Mounting

Unlike old times, where using a framed door or mounting was all that was possible, newer times have brought with them three more choices. The doors could be: Framed, Semi-framed, Frameless or Freestanding.

Framed: Thriftiest of all, Easiest to install and manufactured to fit standard shower opening. Framed doors have glass panes that are usually ¼ inch thick. The operating door has metal frame around all four edges. In addition to this, the metal channels that frame the shower opening give room for hinges that attach swinging or sliding doors.

Semi-framed: This also has glass panes that are ¼ inch thick. While semi-framed may include framing around the entire shower opening, there is usually no framing around the door panels

Frameless: This will suit you if what you want from your shower is an open, seamless and spa-like effect. With advancement in hardware engineering and glass manufacturing, this type of installation appears to float. Besides the hinges, the only hardware will be the door handle and possibly a towel bar. In this system, the glass panels are attached to hinges and the hinges then attached to walls. There is commonly a combination of fixed panel and a swinging door, both of which are made of safety glass.

Free standing: Quite on the high side of prices, your affordability could get you a free standing shower, which consists of a shower pan with a four-sided metal frame work into which glass panels fit and of which a glass panel serves as the door.

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In a Nutshell

I’m sure you now have a different opinion on the power of a shower door—that although they look insignificant, they could play a very great role in getting that picture of a bath you have in your head, the one you saw in a movie, or at a friend’s place.

Now that you know all that there is to choosing a shower door, you need a partner that can hold your hand and guide you through making the right choice in your next shower door purchase. Astro Glass is the exact partner that you need. At Astro Glass, the best contractors are handpicked to help with your renovation until completion, and they are chosen to match each project’s location, budget, and scope.