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6 Types Of Glass Shower Doors To Consider For Your Home

Glass shower doors have come a long way since their early days. From clear glass to opaque, and from frosted to textured, you can create practically any style you like with glass shower doors. Whether you want your bathroom to look modern or classic, these types of glass shower doors will give it an elegant touch that can’t be achieved with other materials.
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If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways is to install a glass shower door. They’re not only stylish but they also help keep water from splashing on the floor and provide an open, airy feeling. You have lots of options when it comes to choosing glass shower doors, so let’s explore the different types that are available.

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Clear Glass Shower Doors

Clear-glass shower doors are extremely popular due to their timelessness and versatility. With clear shower doors, you can see all the intricate details in your tile or other design elements in your bathroom. Clear glass also reflects light well, making dark bathrooms appear lighter and brighter. Plus, it works with a variety of design styles, from traditional to modern.

 Low-Iron Shower Glass

Another type of glass shower door is a low-iron shower door. Low-iron glass is very similar to clear glass, but it has been treated with an iron oxide film, which eliminates any greenish tint that may occur with standard clear glass. It is great for larger showers because it will maintain its clarity and brightness even when viewed over longer distances. Low-iron shower glass also offers increased safety since it is stronger than regular clear glass and won’t easily break if struck by something hard like a toy or a pet’s paw.

Frosted and Opaque Glass Shower Doors

Frosted and opaque shower doors offer more privacy than clear styles, while still letting natural light into the room without sacrificing style points. These semi-transparent options come in various designs, such as geometric shapes, nature scenes or abstract patterns, which can add texture and visual interest to your bathroom space. You can also find these frosted designs etched onto standard clear or low iron glasses for an interesting combination of transparency and privacy.

Tinted Glass Shower Doors

Another popular type of glass shower door is tinted glass, which brings color. Tinted glass brings color into the bathroom while still allowing natural light into the room. Popular tints include grey, bronze, and blue, although there are many other shades available as well. This type of door adds warmth to any space, making it cozy yet modern at the same time. The tinting even helps protect against UV rays so if you have children who take baths during daytime hours, tinted windows provide them with additional protection from harmful UV rays while still keeping your bathroom bright with natural light.

Rain Glass Shower Doors

Rain glass looks like rain streaking down a window pane, giving you both privacy and a unique look that will add visual interest to your bathroom space without losing any natural light like frosted or opaque windows would. This type of door gives off an elegant yet contemporary feel, perfect for those looking for something unique yet timeless enough to last through future trends in design aesthetics.

Textured Glass Shower Doors

Textured glass provides added privacy while still letting plenty of natural light into the room due to multiple small holes throughout each panel, creating a pattern that obscures anything seen through it from afar but allows people close up to clearly see out . Textured panels come in various patterns, from circular dots (called “lattice”) )to diamond shapes (known as “fogged”) .These panels also add texture, which makes them stand out among other options and create an eye catching focal point for any bathroom space.


No matter what type of home you have—traditional, modern, minimalist, etc.—there’s sure to be a type of glass shower door out there perfect for completing your dream look. By exploring all the different types available—clear, low iron, frosted/opaque, tinted drain, and textured—you can find one that perfectly suits both your needs and fits within your budget. Not only will this give you peace of mind knowing that there’s no compromising on either quality or style, but it’ll also leave you with stunning results sure to make anyone jealous!