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Shower Doors

Custom Glass Shower Door Designs

Beautiful looking shower doors truly add a nice upgraded look and feel to your bathroom. We have fabulous shower door enclosures which have a dramatic impact on your bathroom’s design, really help to modernize the space, and give it a high-end finish. A shower should make a statement when it comes to your bathroom, and with our wide selection of doors, yours will become the centerpiece of the space.

We offer framed, frame-less, and semi-framed shower doors and enclosures that help to:

  • Bring in more natural and artificial light to give your shower a consistent lighting tone with the rest of your bathroom
  • Open up the space so your shower becomes a closer part of the rest of your bathroom
  • Add to the look, feel, and presence of your bathroom

Transform Your Bathroom Into an Elegant Retreat

Bathrooms used to only be places to go when you needed to take care of your personal hygiene. That is no longer the case as now they have the opportunity to be beautiful spaces where people go to relax and take care of themselves from head to toe. Showers and tubs within bathrooms are now top elements to investment into for enjoyment, and for increasing resale value. According to Home & Garden Magazine, “The bathroom is the new kitchen,” meaning buyers highly value beautiful and functional bathrooms much like they do kitchens. We offer numerous design, opacity, sizing, and finishing options when it comes to glass shower doors.
Our team of experts will walk you through the process of determining which glass option is best for your bathroom, will provide manufacturing and installation pricing estimates, and ensure that you get exactly what you envision.

Our team of experts will walk you through the process of determining which option is best for your bathroom, estimating the total price, and quickly installing your beautiful new shower door or enclosure.

Multiple Glass Door Choices

Here at Astro Glass, we offer our customers a wide array of options and styles for premium shower glass doors and enclosures. Our display of excellence doesn’t end there. We start things off by making sure that only materials of the highest quality are used to make your shower doors. We take utmost pride in our glass doors. Frameless glass enclosures are lauded for providing maximum air, space, and light. That is why they come highly recommended. Our custom frameless enclosures and shower doors are the best styles to upgrade your showering experience to the highest levels possible. As a client, you have the final authority to choose the best shower door for your use from our wide range of options. Our prices are also completely competitive, contributing to an wholesome customer experience. Contact us today!

Customise your experience

Your shower is a sanctuary exclusive to you. It is the best place for you to relax and feel refreshed while taking optimal care of your personal hygiene. With Astro Glass, you control every step of the design and installation process. Our magnificent craftsmanship, coupled with your custom choices, will help to make sure that your shower doors and enclosures are exclusive to you.


You spend a lot of time in the shower, optimize it

Your showers are an important part of your daily lives. Whether you are taking a bath, shaving, washing, or brushing your teeth, you spend about 1-3 hours in the bathroom every day. In the old days, bathrooms were given complete importance. Ancient Romans invested a reasonable amount of time, money, and energy into their bathhouses, making them completely relaxing and comforting.
We are no longer in the Roman age, but there is no doubt that we believe that the shower has to be one of the most comforting rooms in your house. Today, most shower doors do not come with frames. This adds a luxurious touch to your shower, increasing the amount of light and air that enters your bathroom. If you want to enjoy a lavish showering experience, frameless shower doors are an excellent option.

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless Glass Shower Doors in Maple Ridge is essentially a 100% glass shower that does not have any frames supporting it. They are usually made out of tempered glass that is thick enough to withstand increased temperatures. This makes them completely sturdy and strong enough to last long without any safety issues.

Glass Shower Doors Are an Excellent Choice

Glass shower doors are the ultimate in shower fittings. From an aesthetic point of view, they minimize the usage of dangerous metal in your showers. Additionally, they encourage an open feel that enhances your time in the shower.
You can’t regret opting for a glass shower. They get top marks in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal. They also add more value to your home in the event that you are looking to resell your home in the near future. This means that despite a high initial cost outlay, you can recoup your investment in the future.