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What Are Common Storefront Glass Options?

What Are Common Storefront Glass Options?
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Several types of glass are suitable for storefronts, each with its own advantages and considerations; We at Astroglass as a professional storefront installers in Lower Mainland (Specially in Maple Ridge) have some tips for you to choose the best one for your store. If you need to install a luxury and cost effective storefront, contact us now.

Common Storefront Glass Options

What Are Common Storefront Glass Options?

  • Annealed Glass (Float Glass)

The most basic and affordable option. It’s clear, but not very strong and can shatter easily upon impact. Not recommended for large storefronts or areas vulnerable to vandalism or accidents.

  • Tempered Glass (Safety Glass)

 A much stronger option than annealed glass. It undergoes a tempering process that makes it four times stronger and shatters into small, blunt pieces when broken, reducing the risk of injury. This is the most common type of glass used in storefronts due to the safety factor.

  • Laminated Glass

 Made by bonding two or more glass panes with a clear plastic interlayer. This creates a very strong and impact-resistant barrier. Even if broken, the plastic inner layer holds the glass together, minimizing the risk of falling shards and injuries. Often used for security purposes or in areas with high foot traffic.

Additional Considerations

  • Tinted Glass: Provides a variety of benefits like sun control, heat reduction, and glare reduction. However, it can also obscure the view of the products inside the store.
  • Insulated Glass (Double Paned Glass): Consists of two or more glass panes separated by an air gap. This improves energy efficiency by providing insulation, reducing heating and cooling costs.

Choosing the Right Glass

The best type of glass for your storefront depends on several factors, including:

  • Budget: Annealed glass is the cheapest, while laminated glass is the most expensive.
  • Security Needs: If security is a major concern, tempered or laminated glass is recommended.
  • Size of the Storefront: For large storefronts, tempered or laminated glass is essential for safety.
  • Desired Level of Transparency: Clear glass offers maximum transparency, while tinted glass provides some privacy or sun control but reduces visibility.
  • Climate and Energy Efficiency: Insulated glass can be beneficial in extreme climates to save on energy costs.

Here’s a quick guide to choosing storefront glass

  • For most storefronts, tempered glass is the best choice due to its balance of affordability and safety.
  • Laminated glass is ideal for high-security applications or areas with a high risk of breakage.
  • Consider tinted or insulated glass for specific needs like sun control or energy efficiency.

Consulting a professional glass company  like Astroglass is highly recommended. They can assess your specific needs and recommend the most suitable type of glass for your storefront.