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Energy Efficient Glass Windows And Their Impact On Your Home

Energy efficient windows are a new ventilation technology  that helps maximise the benefits of natural lighting, solar and lessens the need for the use of artificial heating and cooling in a building. Upgrades in tech  in the last 25 years has made it possible to make windows which offer better insulation against the natural elements by 75%, over other mainstream windows. They also reduce power consumption in the home by 25% which would be otherwise used by artificial heating, especially in the temperate and colder regions. 
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It is for this reason that a large number of homeowners are currently opting for better and more effective types of energy-efficient windows and ditching the bland, classless traditional windows. In going for an upgrade, there are quite a number of things to take into consideration. At Astro Glass Railing, we offer quite a range of energy-efficient windows. These include:

1) Casement Windows

This type can be hinged on either side, depending on direction of the sun and natural ventilation purposes. They are known to have lower air leakage rates than some other types of windows and are available in different sizes and colors. They are usually installed over kitchen sinks or countertops, where additional ventilation may be required.

2) Double- and Single-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have two sashes, both of which slide vertically for it to be opened and closed. In a single-hung window, however,  just the lower sash will slide. These windows are also deemed to be some of the most energy efficient and affordable windows on the market.

3) Triple Glazed Vinyl Windows

This type is designed in such a way that they retain as much heat as possible indoors during the winter, while keeping as much heat outdoors during the summer. Many of these units are filled with various forms of gas between each pane, such as argon, xenon or krypton, which is why they are so energy efficient. The gas also prevents condensation from forming between the panes as well. They are one of the best options in the store.

4) Awning Windows

A lot of homeowners opt for awning windows because their sashes are hinged on the top side and they open outwards, which not only allows for greater airflow but also enables them to be installed higher than other styles in cases where additional privacy is needed as well. The sash on these windows closes by pressing firmly on the frame, meaning that it does not allow air in or out when they are firmly shut.

5) Fixed Windows

Fixed units that are installed by a reputable Canadian windows company like  Astro Glass Railing don’t open or close. If correctly installed, they are  completely airtight, making them extremely energy efficient. They are available in single, double or triple-paned units. The most energy-efficient options are easily the double- and triple-paned ones. A major plus of fixed pane windows is that they are around 15% cheaper than open windows. However, it is not recommended that these be installed in areas where any form of ventilation may be required, such as in bathrooms and bedrooms.

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