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Partition glass is an established choice for office architecture, with many companies swearing by its design. It is strong, transparent and relatively low-cost. With many offices opting for an open floor plan, glass partition helps them stay true to that design. One misconception about partition glass is that it will easily break. The glass is breakable with enough force just like any window or glass door, but it is sturdy enough to withstand an accidental bump with a chair or other office equipment. So, if you’re thinking about installing glass partitions in your office, don’t be afraid that someone will accidentally damage it. So let’s consider some of the benefits of using partition glass in your office.


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One of the most popular reasons for using partition is the visibility it allows. Since it allows light to travel through an otherwise closed off wall, your business can save money by using less artificial lighting and allow more natural lighting in. Natural light is known to make employees more productive due to less drowsiness, reduced eye strain, improved mood and less headaches.

Another component of glass partitions promoting visibility is that it allows employees to see throughout the office. It can make your office space feel as big as it actually is. Allowing employees to see what their boss is doing throughout the day can promote productivity and increase transparency between employees and managers. So, having glass partition can promote a healthier and happier work environment.


Glass partition is installed in individual sections. This means that unlike a wall, each individual frame is moveable. So rearranging your office will be a lot easier if you have glass partition walls. With these easily movable walls you can rearrange your office as much as you’d like until you get the design just right. If you need your conference room to be bigger for that huge meeting next week, then glass partition is the way to go. It’s easy to adjust and easy to put back when the meeting is over.


Glass can seem like it would be more difficult to clean, but that’s actually not the case. Glass partition is easy to clean with any basic glass cleaner and will look brand new every time. Sure, fingerprints on glass surfaces can be annoying, but they are easy to wipe away. Having glass walls is a great way to keep your office space always looking freshly cleaned.


Though most glass partition walls are not completely sound proof, they do reduce sound quite a bit. Some companies choosing the open floor plan have wondered why walls are necessary at all if they are glass, and that necessity comes from sound. If you don’t want your entire team hearing your call with corporate about how awful Sandy’s numbers were last week, then having open offices without walls might not be for you. That’s why glass is a great in-between option. Sure your employees can see that you’re on a call, but they won’t be able to hear any information that you are sharing.


Though prices of glass partition walls can compare pretty evenly to ordinary walls, where buyers will save the most money is installation costs. Not only are glass walls easier to install than ordinary walls, they are also cheaper to install on higher floor levels. When you get a wall installed on a higher level, the cost will rise because of the need to carry heavy materials. But with glass partition, that is not an issue because it is lightweight and easier to manage.

While glass partition may seem like a lot of work, it’s not. It is ideal for any workplace who wants to move to an open floor plan, be more transparent with employees, let natural light in, save money on repairs and have an office set up that is easily adjustable if needed. So give it a try and see the positive changes it can manifest for yourself.